Biomedicine, Life Sciences, and Well-being

This domain comprises primarily healthcare and spa services, eHealth, ecology, pharmacy, biotechnologies, biomedicine, chemical and biological analyses, specific methods for the analyses of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical products, bioinformatics and health informatics, production of foodstuffs and dietary supplements for a healthy lifestyle, etc.

Science, Research, Education

This domain concentrates key research, development, and educational capacities of the region, especially those located at Palacký University Olomouc, incl. its research centres, such as the Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine (CATRIN – IMTM), BALUO Application Centre, and the Olomouc University Social Health Institute OUSHI, but also the Czech National eHealth Centre, University Hospital Olomouc, the Military Hospital at Klášterní Hradisko, AGEL a. s. and others. In 2020, the DIGI2Health digital innovation hub was established to facilitate more efficient sharing of expertise, capacities, and services provided in the area of telemedicine. The topic of eHealth is also addressed by Moravian Business College Olomouc – in 2021 it launched the Czech-Israeli Innovations and Partnership Centre, the mission of which is, in particular, interconnecting the Czech and Israeli innovation ecosystem and the support for projects of projects between Czech and Israeli entities in the area of medical diagnostics, telemedicine, and efficient healthcare management. Also, the spa sector, relatively strongly represented within the region, should be mentioned.

Private Research & Development

In the area of biomedicine, companies in the Olomouc Region primarily focus on the manufacture of medical equipment such as biosensors, gastrointestinal and urological stents, endoscopes, spectrometers, etc. Companies like Smiths Medical Czech Republic a. s., Medi-Globe, s. r. o., BIOSENSOR PLUS, s. r. o., and Olympus Medical Products Czech spol. s r. o. usually have a foreign ownership structure and limited capacities for development. Currently in development, the National Biomedicine and Biotechnology Centre should, in the long run, generate or attract to the region small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups, thanks to the shared technological background and expertise coming from the university.

The second group features companies working with APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), such as Alven Laboratories, s. r. o. and FARMAK, a. s. These companies usually fall into the categories of small and medium-sized enterprises, distinguished by their large number of employees engaged purely in research and development in close cooperation with science teams from Palacký University Olomouc and other secondary schools and universities. They need 6 to 8 years of development to introduce new products to the market. It is a costly item for the companies, and up to 20% of their turnover is used to cover research and development expenditures.

The third group includes entities engaged in healthcare, specifically, in the manufacture of biocosmetic products, dietary supplements, etc. In the Olomouc Region, this sector is represented by companies like NUTREND, a. s., Naturfyt – Bio s. r. o., FUTURE MEDICINE s. r. o., VIVACO, s. r. o., OLIMPEX, spol. s r. o., DSL Food s. r. o, and PharmaFit s. r. o. These are medium-sized and small enterprises, as well as start-ups.

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