Olomouc Region Smart Accelerator

Olomouc Region Smart Accelerator (ORSA)

The Olomouc Region Smart Accelerator (ORSA) was implemented by the Olomouc Region in partnership with OK4Inovace association (since 2020 – Olomouc Region Innovation Centre) within the Operational Programme Research, Development and Education between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2018. One of the outputs, thanks to the supported strategic intervention, was establishing the Czech Optical Cluster based in Olomouc, thanks to the strong tradition of optical and optoelectronic industry in the Olomouc Region.

The main project goals: Strengthening cooperation between regional actors in order to accelerate the development of the innovation environment in the region, advance the regional domains of intelligent specialisation, and increase productivity, competitiveness, innovation performance and financial growth of companies in the Olomouc Region in connection with high-quality research and education.

Activities implemented within the project:

  • Core team
  • Mapping
  • Training
  • Assistance
  • Promotion
  • Project management

Project’s target groups:

  • Public officials in the area of management and implementation of R&D+I
  • Professionals from research organisations and universities
  • Researchers in the private sector
  • University students
  • Students of higher vocational schools
  • Secondary-school students, prospective university students

Total financial allocation for the project: CZK 16,249,575 [EUR 685,000] of which 85% of eligible expenditure was covered from the Operational Programme Research, Development and Education and from the European Social Fund, and the remaining 15% from the Olomouc Region’s budget.