RIS3 Strategy

The RIS3 Strategy of the Olomouc Region is the key document for the sustainable development and strengthening the competitiveness of the Olomouc Region in the area of research, development and innovations (R&D+I). It provides guidance for all relevant actors in the territory as regards the direction the Olomouc Region should take and where it should direct its resources.

As any other strategy, it specifies visions, according to which the Olomouc Region should have the ambition to be perceived as:

> an attractive region for enterprising and creative inhabitants
> a healthy and safe environment for sustainable living, research, and business
> an active and forthcoming innovation ecosystem open to new societal and technological challenges and trends.

The key areas for change specify horizontal themes (priorities), in which the RIS3 Strategy of the Olomouc Region intends to effect changes or in which the Olomouc Region should make a difference. Within each key area of change, strategic and then specific objectives are defined, including assigned and monitored metrics.

The domains of specialisation represent vertical thematic priorities of RIS3. They are based on the economically strongest industries in the region with the most significant application and transfer potential. In accordance with the mission-oriented innovation policy, RIS3 Missions should be used to address societal challenges. A pilot mission is now being developed on the national level aimed at reducing material and energetic demands on the economy.