Advanced Materials and Technologies

Companies originally included in general engineering industries were transferred to the domain of Advanced Materials and Technologies. The domain is characterised by an exceptionally large variety and encompasses dozens of industries. This is why various types of companies are part of this domain – manufacturing, installing, servicing, development and other companies. This includes manufacture of machines, equipment, and specific components. Generally, this is primary production, the products of which are used by downstream engineering industries, but also non-engineering sectors of the manufacturing industry.

The most technically challenging fields are Machine Tools and Precision Engineering, the products of which utilise advanced electronics, data processing, communication, and controls.

Research, Development, and Innovations

The companies follow new trends like digitalisation, automation, robotisation, and cyber-security, considering them as essential for their market competitiveness.

The companies cooperate with universities in the area of human resources and joint projects. The main type of cooperation is contractual, collaborative research linked with orders and needs of customers. Research is conducted at the Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials (CATRIN – RCPTM) and at the Centre of Bachelor’s Studies in Šumperk, a subsidiary of VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava.

Relationship with Schools

The domain employs university as well as high school graduates and those with apprenticeship. Although there are secondary and vocational schools of this specialisation in the Olomouc Region, their graduates will not fulfil the demand of the companies as regards capacity and qualification. The greatest demand is for employees in electrical engineering. Except for the subsidiary of VŠB–TUO in Šumperk, there is no technical university in the region engaged in machinery and engineering.

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