Cultural and Creative Industries

Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) are one of the domains with great development potential. They not only represent an original economic activity, but they also offer added value to other industries. The CCIs are a quite varied area on the inside, encompassing architecture, design, PR, advertising and copywriting, audio-visual services, music, books and print, the gaming industry, software, new media and related IT services, the performing arts, visual arts, handicrafts, and cultural heritage. They are typical for strong links between the subcategories (film and video need music, PR needs filmmaking and copywriting, the performing arts need set designers with a knowledge of architecture, etc.).

The area of development of software and IT services is strong in terms of the number of actors, turnover, digital nomadism potential, and the region’s competitiveness thanks to lower costs of living. Yet it faces a shortage of skilled labour. The Olomouc Region is not yet able to compete with other regions in the field of game development; but the position of companies is stronger in the development of CRM and ERP systems, specialised applications, etc.

Significant is also the area of trades and clothing industry with large numbers of small enterprises and micro-enterprises, ties to the regional specificities, including elements relating to natural history and folklore.

Great potential is seen in the area of audio-visual services, graphic design, printing, and the book industry. Audio-visual production (in combination with the PR and advertising) is a significant source of added value for both the industry and the public sector. A number of creative artists work organically in the region thanks to clients’ demands.

Art studies at Palacký University Olomouc are, in no small part, behind traditional festival events (film, theatre, literature) with great importance for other economic sectors as well as the region’s branding. Significant for the region is also openness to the theme of creative gastronomy. A great opportunity for the whole area of CCI is the development of the national database of creative professionals by the Czech Ministry of Culture, a project that can contribute to the visibility of the actors.

Relationship with Schools

There is a strong position in the region held by secondary schools specialising in handicrafts, the clothing industry, and design.

The existence of a curriculum at Palacký University Olomouc devoted to the theory of audio-visual and performing culture, which generates interest in practical creative industries and carries into to the area of cultural management.

The book and publishing industry is also a capacious sector of the CCI, the importance of which is sustained by the existing school structure (Secondary Polygraphy School, Faculty of Arts of UP Olomouc) and the book design festival.

The establishment of certain fields of study at UP (industrial design, editorship, with plans for cultural management) must be considered promising.

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